Nancy’s Weekly Schedule of Classes

Which class should I take?” Students newer to yoga are encouraged to attend the 9:30am All Levels class on Monday (Castro Valley), or the 7:45pm Beginning Class on Tuesday (Oakland).

If you have injuries, health issues, prefer a gentler class or wish to find rest and rejuvenation, try the Restorative class on Monday afternoon at Castro Valley Yoga. Restorative yoga is beneficial for all levels and provides deep rest. It may also aid in the healing process; show your health provider the poses below for reference. “Continuing/Intermediate” classes are for students who already have experience. You needn’t be an advanced practitioner,  but should be familiar with basic postures and their alignment.  For any questions or concerns, contact: nancy @ yoga in the middle . com (remove spaces in email address). I look forward to sharing the practice of yoga with you! Please scroll down for class locations and registration instructions.

Restorative Yoga  includes  gentle opening poses for the front, sides and back of the body, as well as restorative poses, which are reclining and supported by bolsters, blankets and other props. Here are some photos of typical poses:

*Classes held at Castro Valley Yoga, 3160 Castro Valley Blvd.  Castro Valley, CA 94546 Further info and pre-registration at

** Classes held at Anasa Yoga, 4232 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, CA 94619. Further info and pre-registration at

Pre-registration is not required, but is encouraged.  Please arrive in time to check-in, and if you have not pre-registered, allow extra time. If you arrive after class has begun, please wait until the interior studio door (Castro Valley) or the curtain (Anasa Yoga) opens before entering so that you won’t disturb the opening meditation.  Once active practice has begun and the sign-in person has left, there will be no admission and the outer door will be locked.  Thank you for being prompt!






Workshops & Events



Monday         Tuesday           Thursday          Saturday           

9:30-11:00am                                                                      9:45-11:15am

All Levels*                                                                            Continuing/



                             12:30-2:00pm           12:30-2:00pm

                             Continuing/              Continuing/

                             Intermediate*         Intermediate*


  Gentle &                                             



                              7:45-9:00pm              7:00-8:30pm

                              Beginning**                   Continuing/